Consciousness: Dislocation of Our Time

20 08 2014

New York Times: Why Our Monuments Matter

Nikos Konstandaras
“It was only natural that the Acropolis inspired some introspection in Freud. His whole frame of reference, like the tale of Oedipus, was ancient Greece and its myths, archetypes and tragedies. As he himself liked to observe, Freud excavated like an archaeologist through layers of consciousness, pursuing the secrets of the mind; he changed the way we see ourselves. Face to face with the marble evidence of the ancient world, he looked back into himself….”

“….The great dislocation of our time indicates just how frail our monuments, our books, our thoughts and principles can be. Still, they exist — and they are our guide and our shield. But if our symbols are lost, we will be no better than ignorant armies riding pickup trucks through the endless dust, where canals, dried and gone, once made the desert bloom.”

[Nikos Konstandaras is the managing editor and a columnist at the newspaper Kathimerini.]


Economics: Addressing the Nutella Crisis

19 08 2014



18 08 2014

For a long time neither of us speaks. He turns to me and gives me a bow so deep I think he is going to topple over. Straightening up again, he says, ‘I am sorry, for what we did to you. I am deeply sorry.’

‘Your apology is meaningless,’I say, taking a step back from him. ‘It’s worth nothing to me.’

His shoulders stiffen. I expect him to walk away from the pavilion. But he stands there, not moving.

‘We had no idea what my country did,’ he says.

[Tan Twang Eng, The Garden of Evening Mists]


The Apology

my Chinese education





CREATIVITY: What do you see?

17 08 2014


GOD: The Gospel of Truth

4 08 2014

“Having knowledge, he does the will of the one who called him, he wishes to be pleasing to him, he receives rest. Each one’s name comes to him. He who is to have knowledge in this manner knows where he comes from and where he is going.”
The Gospel of Truth


A Family Torn Apart

23 07 2014

“My mother is a daughter of Zion. One side of her family fled from Russian pogroms in the Pale of Settlement, the other was caught up in the rise of Nazism in the cauldron of 20th-century Europe… My father’s family belongs to the other camp. He was only a boy when the Irgun and Haganah came rolling into Jaffa on the waves of tanks and mortars… I have a daughter now who carries both bloodlines and must somehow learn to live at peace with the two sides of her heritage.” – Claire Hajaj

LOVE: goes on forever

16 07 2014


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